Fixing and fastening on brick and concrete

For fastening of all types of tubes with diameter form 16-50 mm. All types EC-clips can be clipped on to each other, independent of size and direction. EC-clips can be clipped to the plug-in dowel or screwed firmly to the underlay. Can also be clipped on to the strips fastening dowels ESD and EKP. The universal locking clamp UVB can be fixed to the EC.

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El.No Type ColourØ mmPackage
1323120 EC 16 Grey16100
1323003 EC-16 Grey16600*
1323123 EC 20 Grey20100
1323004 EC-20 Grey20500*
1323125 EC 25 Grey25100
1323127 EC 32 Grey3250
1323129 EC 40 Grey4050
1323130 EC 50 Grey5050

*Comes in a stirdy plastic bucket.