In 1978 Thor G. Pettersen established the firm, Castor, with the object of developing, producing and selling fastening materials for the Norwegian electric installation market.

Castor is especially known as the producer and supplier of time-saving fastening devices for electrical and mechanical installations on all types of underlay. Castor has been the first in its field on the market, with a series of unique products.

Some of the worlds leading producers of fastening solutions have chosen to market their products through Castor. This, together with Castors own products, supplies the market with a wide range of fastening materials and vouches for efficiency, quality and security.

The aim of Castor is always to be in front, concerning development of new and problem-solving products for electrical and mechanical installations. To achieve this aim we have employed staff with considerable experience and compentence in product development, production and marketing.

More and more people see the advantages of Castors fastening systems, as they are easily installed, time- and cost-saving, need less storage space and meet most challenges of fastening on wood, plasterboard, steel, brick and concrete.

Many large and small building projects use Castors unique fastening solutions. Reports from the market confirms that the products increase efficiency and profitability.

The products reflects the essence of Castor: Quick, simple and efficient.

Today, Castor exports its products to several European countries.


Supplier of fastening materials for all types of underlay.


Castor AS
Tel: +47 32 24 21 00