Fixing and fastening on wood

For fastening cables on wood. For indoor and outdoors use.

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El.No Type ColourPin L mmPackage
MT-clips, oval: for fastening of PR-Cables 2x1,5 mm² - 2x2,5 mm²..
1323101 MT-O-16 White16150
1322546 MT-O-16 Brown16150
1322547 MT-O-16 Light Brown16150
1322545 MT-O-16 Black16150
1323103 MT-O-25 White25150
MT-special clips, with short pin..
1323105 MT-O-12 White12150
MT-clips, round: for fastening of PR-Cables 3x1,5mm² - 2x4mm²..
1323102 MT-R-16 White16150
1322548 MT-R-16 Brown16150
1322549 MT-R-16 Light Brown16150
1323104 MT-R-25 White25150
MT- special clips, with short pin..
1323106 MT-R-12 White12150
MT-clips, round: for fastening of cables from 5-7 mm Ø..
1323107 MT-B-12 White12150
1305184 MT-B-12 Black12150